NuMe White Truffle Gift Set


JavaScript appears to be disabled on your browser. For the very best experience on the website, make sure you turn Javascript on your browser. Cleanse, nourish and condition with all the whole White Truffle line. This gift collection contains: 16oz White Truffle Conditioner 16oz White Truffle Shampoo, along with White Truffle Serum that is full-sized. The White Truffle care line is devised with ingredients such as White Truffle Jasmin, and Evening Primrose that fight frizz when nourishing and moisturizing hair. NuMe is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The White Truffle Hair Care lineup paraben and is paraffin-free and is very safe for all hairstyles. This luxury shampoo provides your hair a gorgeous bouquet of nourishment and odor.

Together with Black Jasmine Orchid along with Evening Primrose. The components soak into hair to get cleansing and hydration each time you shampoo. With sterile White Truffle saturate your strands and watch that the NuMe gap. Alba’s city is famed for blossoms its own desserts and also the decadent White Truffle. Known among the elements on Earth, NuMe White Truffle Hair Care employs the ability of White Truffle to make a face mask for acne transform dry brittle hair into a more powerful, more mane using soft strands. An infusion. It contains parabens or no paraffin. This yummy conditioner drenches every strand within an exotic combination of Calendula Flower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sage Extract and Jasmine Extract.

The components sink deep to hair, protecting your locks and repairing each time you state. With nourishing White Truffle saturate your strands and watch that the NuMe gap. Work with a generous quantity of White Truffle Conditioner to the ends of the hair and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing with water. Works better when paired with the White Truffle Shampoo. Ingredients make serum and this the greatest dry hair treatment for fixing and guarding your hair. With nourishing White Truffle Serum, saturate your strands and realize the NuMe gap. Alba’s city is renowned for also the decadent White Truffle, blossoms and its wines. Known among the very exfoliating elements on Earth, NuMe White Truffle Hair Care employs White Truffle’s power to immediately transform hair using soft strands into a stronger, more mane. An extract of botanicals.

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