Healthy And Balanced Korean Food Choices, According to a Dietitian


Korean cuisine is characterized by lots of veggies, rice, and also meat or fish. Meals are typically offered with a variety of small sides, broth-based soups, as well as fermented cabbage (kimchi).

It’s generally considered healthy and also understood for incorporating many health-promoting active ingredients like fermented foods. However, some dishes are not as healthy as others.

This post gives a summary of Oriental food and also just how to make healthy selections when getting at a dining establishment or cooking at home.

Introduction to Oriental food.

Korean culture stresses food as a source of sustenance and recovery. Therefore, throughout its history, food has been viewed as medication (1Trusted Source).

Therefore, korean food for diabetics is normally healthy. For example, a traditional Korean dish known as lapsang features rice (bap), numerous side dishes (banchan), soups or stew (kuk), fermented vegetables, as well as sometimes grilled meats or fish and shellfish (2 ).

Many Korean side recipes consist of veggies. These can be experienced with fermented sauces and spices like soybean paste (doenjang), soy sauce (ganjang), as well as hot pepper paste (gochujang) (1Trusted Source).

Various other usual fermented foods consist of salted fish and shellfish (jeotgal), and cabbage. Kimchi can be seasoned in various ways, usually with salt, ginger, garlic, and red pepper flakes (gochugaru) (1Trusted Source).

Besides fermentation, typical cooking approaches consist of blanching, boiling, pickling, and cooking. Cooking and frying are less common, although some preferred foods like Korean deep-fried hen are fried.

Is Korean food healthy?

The ingredients and cooking approaches of the standard Korean diet regimen are typically thought about as healthy and balanced. Because they’re typically high in veggies and cooked without much oil, Oriental dishes are typically lower in calories than conventional American dishes (2, 3Trusted Source).

One observational research study connected eating a standard Oriental diet regimen with a decreased danger of metabolic disorder. Metabolic syndrome is a team of conditions that enhances your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke (3Trusted Resource).

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