Can You Use CBD for Alcoholism and Withdrawal Symptoms?


As per the data available from NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG DEPENDENCE, which is known as NCADD, there are about 17.6 million Americans who are suffering from some kind of alcohol abuse.

This is quite a scary figure since alcoholism can potentially give rise to many different kinds of health-related issues and also results in untimely deaths too.

By virtue of a number of medical researches done on various cannabis related products, the presence of CBD has given a new ray of hope for these addicted people to get out of their alcohol addiction.

CBD gummies or any other CBD products that are available in simple form of cannabidiol that can be consumed very easily without producing any “high” feeling. CBD can provide necessary therapeutic benefits without any unwanted effect of intoxication

What Is alcoholism?

When drinking alcohol becomes a part of the habit and it starts affecting the person in negative manner then we can say that the person is suffering from alcoholism. In such condition, the person may not live without drinking.

As a consequence, the individual may ruin his professional and personal life and also his family life and relationships too. Such alcoholism can become a disease that can often be fatal too, which is characterized by following few symptoms:

  • Preoccupation with the alcohol like any drug
  • Total inability to control on the level of drinking
  • Due to alcohol consumption distortion in their cognitive process
  • In spite of knowing adverse consequences the person may continue to abuse alcohol

CBD for alcoholism

In order to understand properly how CBD will work for alleviating the effects of alcohol addiction as well as subsequent withdrawal, it is necessary that we must first understand how this alcohol itself really functions and develop neurological reliance.

In simple words, we can say alcohol addiction can affect neurotransmission capabilities of our reward structures present within our brain.

In case of any healthy individuals who are non-alcohol abusers, all these structures can play functional role to implement normal self-care behavior which is, if a person is unhappy or not very satisfied, then they will try to share or their behavioral change will show that.

However, for any alcohol abusers, all the consumption of plenty of alcohol will entirely bypasses this kind of required behavioral change. Actually, it will override the reward structure of their brain to supplant the necessary desired happiness feelings.

This is the actual reason why alcoholism will present such challenge as a progression in form of disease and the individual will not like to acknowledge their reward structures of their brains and telling them to alter their behavior and instead of that, they will drink.

More they drink alcohol more unhappy they will become and more they will feel the need of drinking and enter into vicious circle.

Researchers have found that CBD can interact with our natural CB1 receptors that is present in our endocannabinoid system and can help in restoring back the defects of brain to certain extent.

Further research is necessary in this respect to realize more benefits of CBD.

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